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Nourish the mission of Eat Fit today and help us support our Eat Fit restaurant partners in the most meaningful way. Every contribution, big or small, makes a tremendous impact.

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Eat FitFood is a big deal in Louisiana. Healthy food hasn’t been a big enough deal.

That is, until Eat Fit, a nonprofit initiative of Ochsner Health, launched in 2013 to identify nutritious options in restaurants and markets. Today, Eat Fit has grown to over 500 certified partners in 6 regions across Louisiana, making the healthy choice the easy (and delicious) choice!

You can nourish the mission of Eat Fit and help us support Eat Fit restaurant partners in the most meaningful way by donating below or by participating in Eat Fit Dine Out Day on June 4.

Eat Fit Dine Out Day celebrates our partners annually, asking the community to support Eat Fit restaurants. In past years, partners had the opportunity to give back a portion of proceeds to Eat Fit’s nonprofit initiative. Since COVID-19, however, things are different. This year, the giveback is 100% to our Eat Fit Partners. All proceeds raised in Eat Fit restaurants will stay in the restaurant to champion rebuilding after the hardships of COVID-19 restrictions.

Your donation supports the nonprofit work we do for our partners & community, including:
• Recipe analysis, staff education and partner support to restaurants, free of charge
• Chef continuing education workshops
• Eat Fit culinary certification in schools
• Ochsner Eat Fit presence in universities, schools, and local food banks
• Alcohol Free For 40 annual statewide challenge
• The free Eat Fit smartphone app to locate Eat Fit restaurants, nutrition facts, shopping guides, recipes, events & more
• 150+ annual community events, including cooking demos, farmers markets, health expos

Thank you for supporting our Eat Fit mission to inspire our community to live their strongest, healthiest lives!

- The Eat Fit Team

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